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Raleigh Mixed-use II

This mixed-use, mixed-income development near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina is a strategic partnership between an undisclosed community-oriented developer and a local neighborhood composed of residents, business owners, and a local congregation. Haven was commissioned to provide real estate consulting, stakeholder engagement, masterplanning, and architecture services with a focused effort on soliciting community participation to determine the highest and best use of the available properties. The proposed phased project includes hundreds of housing units targeting various under-served individuals and households as well as commercial/retail space dedicated to local businesses and economic development. The first phase is designed as a “flagship” five story mixed-use project with two levels of podium parking which acts as a bellwether for the development, setting the pace, tone, and character for the remaining phases.

Raleigh, NC
In Design

New Market Tax Credits
Stakeholder Engagement
Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Housing
Economic Development
Public-Private Partnership with private developer

80 Mixed-Income Units
40,000 Sq.Ft. Commercial/Retail Space
162 Structure Parking Spaces
Structured Parking