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1 M in 100Y

Haven exists to increase the quantity and quality of housing options for under-served communities. We envision a world where nobody lacks quality housing options. 

Towards this vision, Haven has committed to a lofty goal of creating housing for 1,000,000 people in 100 years.


In 2021 there are an estimated 150M people experiencing homelessness in the world, part of an estimated 1.5B people with inadequate or insecure housing. We believe that this will only be further exacerbated by current global issues including housing supply shortages, regional conflict and climate crisis. 

This commitment creates a framework for our work that will long outlast the firm’s founders and builds towards a shared legacy that we will leave behind together.


Together. With our exceptional staff and our incredible client-partners, we will create high quality housing to serve this enormous need. These homes may be created exclusively by our firm, but more often will be the result of complex partnerships where we are a service provider or part of a joint venture. We measure housing units towards this goal upon completion based on income and household size.

December 12, 2021 – December 12, 2121

*This number includes estimates based on housing units in progress.







Income Definitions + Targets

very low income (30-50% AMI)

extremely low income (0-30% AMI)

lower income (50-80% AMI)

moderate income (80-120% AMI)

mid-to-high income (120%+ AMI)

Number of People Counted per Units Created

1 person

2 people

3 people

4 people

5 people

Featured project

Idlewild Community

Raleigh, NC

Under Construction

Land Trust Model
Community Development
Cottage Court Community

Owner/Developer: Raleigh Area Land Trust
Architect: HavenVentures
Construction Estimate: 2023-2024