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Impact Focus Area

Creating buildings that will last for generations has a big impact on individuals, communities, and the environment. Haven believes that, together with our clients, we can create places where all stakeholders can thrive. Within our firm and in every project, our operations have been designed to achieve a positive impact on individual welfare and community resilience.

Individual Welfare

Quality Housing Options

Haven is committed to creating a wide variety of housing types to serve a wide variety of households, providing quality housing options to people who often have unique needs.

Prioritizing Human Health

Haven is committed to designing our projects to prioritize human health through strategies such as maximizing natural light, connections to nature, universal design for aging in place, nontoxic materials, and indoor air quality.

Foster Financial Flourishing

Haven is committed to enhance the financial wellbeing of our stakeholders by being a lowbarrier employer, investing in professional development, paying a living wage minimum with a maximum pay cap to limit pay stratification, and prioritizing local and historically utilized business participation on every project.

Community Resilience

Increasing Housing Quantity

Haven is committed to increasing the amount of housing in our community with a focused effort to prevent and/or reverse displacement in at-risk neighborhoods.

Healthy Buildings + Environment

Haven is committed to a high standard of environmental stewardship utilizing sustainable building practices to create high performance projects. We believe it’s essential to consider whole systems, including things such as energy consumption/production, water use, material lifecycle, carbon footprint, indoor air quality, and site impact.

Foster Social Flourishing

Haven is committed to promoting strong and healthy communities with richness of culture by creating housing with complimentary uses which promote economic development and civic engagement.