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Cary Mixed-use

This mixed-use development in Cary, North Carolina is rooted in a partnership between Greenwood Forest Baptist Church (GFBC) and The Carying Place (TCP). GFBC’s congregation and leadership are committed to leveraging excess church-owned land in the heart of Cary to be utilized for affordable housing. TCP has been serving families experiencing or at risk of homelessness to provide stable housing as well as pathways and resources to achieve economic stability.

GFBC commissioned Haven to facilitate stakeholder engagement services, a process which included interested community members from the neighborhood, local organizations, the city, and trusted partners. Through the stakeholder engagement process, guiding principals and project goals were created which lead to a conceptual design process that resulted in the definition of the project vision – a mixed-use, mixed-income, permenant supportive housing development sharing the site of the existing church.

GFBC leveraged the project vision and design created by Haven to acquire funding for the project as well as to build a relationship with a development partner to bring the vision to reality.

Cary, NC

Mixed-Income Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing
Mixed-Use Development
Public-Private Partnership with Greenwood Forest Baptist Church

40-60 Mixed-Income Units
18,000-20,000 Sq.Ft. Commercial/Retail Space